Boy, Am I Glad I Tried This Vintage Jeff Davis Pie Recipe!

This pie makes me feel like I'm walking on air!

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Last month, my family went out of town to a church conference that they attend every year.  It was in the middle of winter in North Carolina and it was snowing like crazy so they did not think it would be wise to take my grandmother with them.  She is a little slower these days, needs her wheelchair for everything, has oxygen on 24/7, and well just a lot to keep up with, especially in the snow.

So, my husband and I who were not able to attend this year due to his work schedule decided to go over to my parent’s house and stay with her for the week. My grandma was thrilled! We went out shopping to her favorite stores (Kohl’s and Hallmark Store), had lunch at her favorite spots (Panera Bread and Cuban restaurants) and played board games as well as baked a lot.

We made so many different types of cakes, cookies, and pies. We would bake, take a piece for ourselves, and then invite people over so they could enjoy it, too.  They were all delicious, but the one pie that caught my attention was Buttermilk Pie. I had never tried anything like this, and it was so amazing!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Spend With Pennies.




Quick Tip: Top with fresh berries if you’d like.


  1. Carter says

    My family will NEVER refer to a buttermilk pie as Jeff Davis Pie!
    We don’t cotton to traitors.

    1. M says

      Oh good grief. Call whatever you want.

    2. Deborah says

      Stupid remark

    3. Deborah says

      Stupid remark, Carter.

    4. Carol says

      Carter, nobody cares…

      1. jim olson says

        I care.

    5. Linda Nichols says

      You are a nitwit. Who cares what a pie is called!!?

    6. island mom says

      gosh guys, I think he was making a joke 😛

    7. Sharon says

      I guess these people don’t understand satire!

    8. Cyn says

      Carter , stupid remark.

    9. Ann says

      Yes get over it….. who cares we don’t bye. Great looking pie

  2. SHERRIE says


    1. Jesse says


    2. sharon gima says

      Sure-you can put cabbage in it if you want, but then change the name too because it’s a different pie!

  3. Joanmarie Marcum says

    who is/was Jeff Davis????

    1. Karen Latino says

      He was the President of the Confederate States when the South seceded from the United States of America during the Civil War. Didn’t you take American History in school?

      1. Sam Maddox says

        Well and correctly stated. Scary what we have allowed our schools to become isn’t it. By the way the Jeff Davis pie is excellent. Lane cake is another dessert from that Era that I doubt many people have had. I have the best recipe if anyone wants it.

      2. joanmarie says

        Probably; don’t recall. It’s was a loooong time ago. I will have to say I baked Jeff’s pie and it turned out great!

    2. Kathie Urena says

      Jefferson Davis was thePresident of the Confederate States of America.

  4. Carol says

    I have tried this pie and it is SO GOOD! We call it a Buttermilk Pie! Think I’m going to whip up one! Umm umm good!

  5. J Willoughby says

    Why don’t you have a printable copy of the recipe instead of having the commentary?

    1. Gene Nutter says

      Looks great!

  6. Debbie says

    Just be happy the recipe is there right click and print

  7. Tank says

    Buttermilk pie is Texas pioneer favorite. Can’t believe you don’t know how to make it!

  8. Mary says

    I have a deep dish 9-inch store-bought pie shell I’m wondering will that work as well or should I use the regular Pieshell

    1. Jay Blackburn says

      that size is perfect

  9. Jeffina Davis says

    I do believe Carter was just being funny! At least that’s how I took it. Buttermilk Pie is delicious!

  10. norma says

    up here there use to be a pioneer recipie for vinegar pie, no lemon eh , almost identical

  11. Ronda Renfrow says

    I like butter chess is sweeter and has crunchy top…it does not have buttermilk but looks just like this…looks like lemon chess…does anyone have butter chess recipe?

    1. Betsy Sharp says

      Here in the south, it is called just plain Chess Pie. You should be able to find a recipe for Chess Pie.

  12. Alice Williams says

    I’m been baking this pie for yrs, in 1985 while going to adult education school in muskegon michigan i prepared this for our speech in class, not telling what kind of pie it was, once done class had a slice, went crazy after i told them it was a buttermilk pie, I received an A+ as my grade, made some$$$$$$$ also the next week making for some of my classmates… Have to make a couple next wk,3/1/2017 for one of my nephews, he remembered it from a little boy, LOVE IT….

  13. charlie says

    Y’all still fighting the Civil War? sheeeesh…..I’m just trying to figure out how you get the caramelized top out of this recipe….will try if because I remember pies like this from little kid days…,..,

  14. Claudia Grimm says

    I don’t have buttermilk on hand just now, but I have the time. Has anyone tried this using substitution for the buttermilk?

    1. Susan Jones says

      No substitute for buttermilk…the real thing!! Do NOT use that buttermilk powder!

    2. Allison says

      You can use a tablespoon of lemon juice and fill the rest with milk to make 1 cup

    3. Lynne says

      I would use milk, add a little vinegar to it and let it curdle a bit. That works as a substitute for buttermilk. The top of my pie came out more camarelized than the photo. Looks good.

    4. Jimmie says


    5. Cathy says

      Take a scant cup of milk and add a Tablespoon of white vinegar to it. Let it set for 5-10 minutes and you have buttermilk.

  15. Delores Smith says

    I’ve always known this pie to be called Magnolia

  16. Marsha says

    Is this the same ad Chess ( jus’) pie?

  17. Anita says

    My mother used to make a buttermilk cobbler pie that was delicious. Has anyone ever eaten one? Do you have a recipe?

  18. karan says

    I make these every year at Christmas. Mine does not have the lemon. Not sure about adding that. Would taste totally different.

  19. Joanmarie Marcum says

    The pie was very good, even though I dropped it taking it out of the oven and a portion of it messed up my oven big time! What was left was delicious and I will definitely bake another one before long.

  20. Pat says

    I have ALWAYS LOVED buttermilk pie! Make one every Thanksgiving. It’s a southern comfort food for sure.

  21. Aj says

    In my family we make this with coconut. We call it coconut pie 😎

  22. Sharon Whitaker says

    My mother-in-law made a pie she called Jeff (Jefferson) Davis Pie that tasted like a pecan pie without the pecans. The top of it got crunchy so you didn’t miss the pecans, I have yet to find a recipe like it and I never got hers. I’ve checked on many recipes by that name, but none specifically say the top get crunchy so I don’t know.

  23. Dixie Gal says

    This is Buttermilk Pie. Jefferson Davis Pie is a different recipe with more ingredients. May as well call it chocolate pie. Wrong is wrong.

  24. PJ says

    My family LOVES Buttermilk Pie. It is just delicious. The great thing about it is that it isn’t seasonal. You can find buttermilk in the dairy section of your grocery store year round. Yum. Now I will have to make one!

  25. Lee says

    There’s a bisquick impossible pie version. I’ve made for years.
    A little nutmeg on top and fabulous.
    Or a wee drizzle of caramel sauce, like for flan.

  26. Roland Weathers says

    Please, send me emails of your recipes I love to Cook

  27. Ann Morgan says

    ou can add a little venigar to your milk to sour it, if you don’t have buttermilk…I will try this pie

  28. Dan says

    I made one last year. Im from indiana so ive had quite a bit of sugar cream pie. Its an indiana thing. This butter milk pie tasted very simular. If you like one you’ll probably like the other

  29. Dusty Jones says

    My mother has been making this pie for years. Her recipe makes two pies at once.

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