Bold & Beautiful Block Party Broccoli Salad

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I had my first child very early on in life. My grandparents threw me an amazing baby shower back then and I got everything that I needed to raise my brand new little baby. Well, fast forward ten years…and I was having another baby! I didn’t want another baby shower, I had already had one of those. My sister insisted that I have a small one with just family and a few friends though.

After all, it had been ten years… I didn’t have all that stuff that I would need anymore. Reluctantly I agreed. She said she would host it at her house and I would have nothing to worry about. She was right, she took care of everything. The invitations, the decorations, and the food were all done when I got there.

There was one thing that she made that I just couldn’t get enough of…her broccoli salad. It was just like this recipe from All Recipes. The flavor was incredible. I had at least two helpings, and probably snuck a few extra bites here and there. I walked away with a lot of great gifts that day, and a brand new recipe!

Recipe courtesy of All Recipes.



Quick Tip: Non-fat plain yogurt can be used as a healthier alternative to the mayo.

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