Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes Are The “It” Dessert Of The Year!

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Due to some health conditions, my dad cannot have chocolate.  It is a real shame because everyone in my family loves chocolate and we wish we could make more desserts involving that deliciousness.  But in order to help my dad stay strong and healthy, we skip out on the chocolate most nights and come up with other creative desserts instead.

We stay away from anything that has caffeine so really, our only options are fruit and vanilla flavored things.  Well, one day I was given a recipe for banana cream pie, made it and everyone, not just my dad, loved it. We ate banana cream pie for days at a time.

The lady who gave me the recipe told me it does not last more than 3 days in the fridge before it starts to get all mushy and watery, but I never got to experience that because it was always gone before we got to that point. My family loved everything about this dessert so when my brother’s birthday came around and he asked for this for dessert, I knew I had to get creative with it.

I thought of making banana cream cookies, but that is not fitting for a birthday.  That is when I came across this amazing recipe!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Life Love Sugar.




Quick Tip: Serve these with Cool Whip if you want to skip the frosting.

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