These Baked Chicken Chimichangas Are The Cat’s Meow!

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One thing I really do love is a good freezer meal.  You know, the types you can prepare way in advance and freeze them up in tin containers with a tight wrapping of aluminum foil.  I always mark the name of the recipe as well as the day I prepared it on the top with a permanent marker so I can keep track of what I have in my freezer.  It is such an easy and efficient way to organize my freezer and know exactly what I have.

Heck, I even season all my chicken as soon as I buy it and separate it in to freezer Ziplocs by portions that I will use to make my life simpler.  I am all about ease, my friends! Well, the other day I was running out of things to make and knew I would have a complicated evening, so I rushed to the supermarket and picked up a rotisserie chicken.

I looked in my fridge and realized I still had a can of enchilada sauce so I figured “that will be the one!”  I got right to work and prepared two freezer meals of baked chicken enchiladas and boy let me tell you, they were good!

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything.




Quick Tip: Serve this with a side of sour cream.

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