Bacon and Biscuits – A Match Made In Heaven!

When I was little, my Mom used to bake every Saturday. Back then it was common to make everything from scratch, and if you were trying to find sliced bread in the store they probably would have laughed out loud. Mom baked everything herself; from biscuits to whole grain bread, from cakes to ice cream cones. Her biscuits were out of this world (they still are) and we enjoyed them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I used to prefer my biscuits with sausage gravy; my sister loved hers with some orange jelly – am I the only one who thinks that’s a little weird? I guess when it comes to taste buds, we are all unique!

But there was one way of serving biscuits that I had never tried until I came across this recipe over at Just A Pinch. I still don’t understand how I hadn’t thought of this before – it makes perfect sense since it’s two of my favorites combined!

While biscuits can amp up any meal, bacon is also one of those things that you can add to pretty much anything and it will turn it twice as delicious. Combining these two is absolutely genius, and I feel a little stupid for not coming up with the idea on my own!

Recipe and image courtesy of David Reeves at Just A Pinch.



Quick tip: Besides breakfast or brunch, you could serve these as appetizers at a party.


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