Aunt Murrielle’s Classic Carrot Cake Recipe Is The Bomb!

Aunt Murrielle’s classic carrot cake is everyone’s favorite. Aunt Murrielle loves to cook anything using vegetables as her main ingredients. Whenever we have a reunion and she is the one assigned to make something, we always expect her to make a cake such as cucumber cake or even been sprout cookies. The good thing about it is that you will not really mind that they are vegetables because they taste so good! All of my nieces and nephews, including my two kids, actually love all of her desserts.

I have a lot of nephews who throw tantrums whenever they have to eat vegetables, but Aunt Murrielle’s desserts are always the exception. I even see a couple of my cousins begging her for her recipes, but she wouldn’t give them.

Aunt Murielle’s classic carrot cake is something that everyone requests even if it’s just for an afternoon tea. She makes the softest and the most moist carrot cake that everyone just couldn’t resist. Her classic carrot cake is already an institution in our reunions.

You are pretty sure that the serving platter will be empty by the end of a meal because everyone would really want a slice. I am not sure what is Aunt Murrielle’s secret, but everyone truly cannot say no to a slice of her wonderful carrot cake recipe!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Homemade Cake Recipe.





Quick Tip: If you like extreme sweet icing, then go ahead and add more sugar.


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